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Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

We always talk about self awareness but this International Women’s Day thanks to Artscape, we could actually do something about it. The session packed with energy and positivity was a welcome break for us working women lost in the rigmaroles of the daily routine! A truly wonderful way to bring out the superwomen in all of us!

Manager HR

Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

We had a very interesting session by Artscape. It was phenomenal and an experience of a lifetime. It taught us how to view our life. I wish the team a many more successes to make a difference in an individual.

Head HR and CSR

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

Artscape has been very beneficial to our students. They hear about good values and soft skills from their parents and teachers, but here they learn it through activities. This makes them realize the importance on their own. They understand the value more. We can see a difference in their behaviour.


Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

Through these sessions I have learnt how to balance different things in my life and concentrate on what is important. I have also understood society, the different kinds of people in society and my role in it. We need to live our life properly and also lead other people to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

Despite the hurdles of our life that we might be facing, such an atmosphere really helps us to overcome the grief and tensions of our day to day life and relax ourselves.

Cancer caregiver

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

Today, inspite of my illness, I came here to see what is going on and I feel lucky to have attended this session. Feeling peace in my body and my heart and soul are relaxed. I can't speak because of my throat surgery. But today after the session, I got a new hope, new strength for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving this energy.

Cancer Survivor

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

With the help of Music, I get to stay calm during my course of Cancer treatment. I find these sessions very helpful.

Cancer Patient

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

We get help by singing. Previously I used to be nervous while singing but now I am not nervous. Now our confidence has been boosted.

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

I learnt that what cannot happen with one hand can be possible with the help of two hands.

Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

Best experience in my life. I felt relaxed, my stress was reduced. This is useful and brought more clarity about mindset.

Beneficiary-Corporate Wellness

It's a relaxing process to know about yourself which we forget many times. It will make you feel important.

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

It was my first experience. I feel better here rather than sitting outside and waiting for hours, I also learnt that breath is the first identity of our self and everyday we should do this type of activities.

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

This arts therapy class is very helpful to all for a natural life. It reduces mental tension, illness, and I do this exercise to maintain good heart condition.

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

I learnt a lot from today’s session and also learnt how to take care of my mind and soul by closing my eyes. I found a lot of peace in today’s session.

Relationship Manager – Insignia, RBL Bank

Woman’s day celebration organized for us was a very refreshing activity. Learning a new technique of relaxation has helped to control the stress level. Looking forward to such activities in future

Nandita Mane

Client Service Ambassador, RBL Bank

The Dance Music Therapy was a very innovative session I have experienced. It has bought a sense of self-awareness and confidence in me. I do try and follow what I have learned at the session and it proves to be very helpful.

Enola Braganza

Branch Manager, RBL Bank

Women’s Day Dance Music Therapy was indeed a de-stressing activity. It was a wonderful CSR initiative and touched my heart. It actually takes a few moments to find ourselves from our busy schedule to find self – love and self – care. This initiative should be rolled out for all the staff of our bank.

Aparna Lokapure

Regional Service Head and Nodal Officer, RBL Bank

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful session. Till the day, was not even aware of the therapeutic values of dance and its importance. It was greatly needed especially since life has become so full of stress and tension. For an hour and a half, we just lost ourselves in the moment. Felt free, relaxed and happy.

Michelle Alistair
Ajay Pashilkar

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

I wished to do something in life, Kalpataru program helped me upgrade my confidence level and gave me the chance to make my dream come true.

Bhaundas Chavhan

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

During the practice period, I learned the importance of discipline. I wish to stand as a role model in society whether it is in the academic field, singing field or tabla field. I got that opportunity from you and I feel extremely thankful

Mahadevi Waghmare

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

I never thought I could perform on such a big platform but I could I am very lucky as Kamalika Madam, Sumita Madam & Christopher Sir had given us this opportunity

Darshan Kalsait

Beneficiary: Beyond Academics Programme

I have lost the sense of fear on stage and I respect music even more. From this program, we feel that everything is possible in our life with proper guidance and hard work.

Beneficiary: Light of Life Trust Worli

We have DMT sessions every month at our center. I remember one session where we had to put hold one end of a string in our mouth and the other end was in another person’s mouth, and then people had to pass from under the string. I like how the teacher makes us move, I have never moved in such different ways. I am learning a lot in this session and I hope it will make me a better person!

Aditya Singh

Beneficiary: Light of Life Trust Karjat

We do activities with Aishani madam at the center. We did an activity with balloons, how to balance to balloon with partners, how to not let the balloon fall down. And how these activities are connected with our daily lives. I learned a lot in these workshops. In our world, how do we help someone in need? I also learned how without talking or another person saying anything, how we can work together.

Ketan Subhash

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

The White Light therapy helped me relieve a lot of stress. I believe in God and hopefully, I shall be able to overcome the difficulties with your support.

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

Artscape Helped us find a new sense of hope and motivated us.

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

We are going through a very tough time but these sessions helped us feel relaxed from within It Motivated us to fight and not give up

Beneficiary: Care For Cancer Programme

I could completely connect with these sessions. It felt really nice and I hope these continue.