Kamalika Guha Thakurta
Founder and Managing Trustee

Ms. Kamalika Guha Thakurta has been personally involved with the Performing Arts as a student and performer for more than two decades and that experience has given her an understanding that the Arts can be used beyond Entertainment.

Sanjeevani Jain
Programme Manager and Facilitator

Having been associated with music and dance all her life, Sanjeevani deeply resonates with the idea of Artscape. She has worked in the development sector and feels passionate about transforming lives and bringing the change. She went abroad to study Musicology and came back with the purpose to share the love and power that arts bring along. She manages our programs and facilitates sessions for children and adults based on music.

Ravikant Upadhyay
Administrative Manager

Known for his humility and dedication, Ravikant has been associated with Artscape since its initial stages. From handling data to accounts, he looks after the operations and keeps our functioning smooth. He believes that whichever work one chooses to do, one should put their heart and soul into it.

Tiyasha Sengupta
Assistant Manager

Tiyasha is a postgraduate in Psychology. She believes in empathy and mental health advocacy. She has been associated with the development sector for the past two years and has experience of working with individuals with special needs, at risk youth and women from lower socio-economic backgrounds. She is passionate about giving back to society and serving the community. As our coordinator, she handles communication, co-facilitates sessions and makes sure that the impact of our work is backed by relevant data.  

Aishani Shah

Aishani Shah
Sr. Practitioner
Dance Movement Therapy
Integrative Restoration – I Rest practice

Aishani Shah’s expertise lies in using Dancing Movement Therapy for increasing self-awareness, self-esteem and personal autonomy, managing feelings and coping with the situation and handling it in a positive manner. She came from a big fat demanding career in a corporate. After toiling for seventeen years, she decided to quit and joined the Dance Movement Therapy course. During the course, she rediscovered her true self and how important it is to be happy within you in order to spread happiness.

Komal Ratanpal
Dance Movement Therapy Sr. Practitioner

Komal is a qualified Dance Movement therapeutic practitioner from Tata institute of Social Sciences,which is in collaboration with Kolkata Sanved. She has been practicing for 3 years now and is extremely passionate about each project she takes up. Dance Movement Therapy helped Komal understand her authenticity and rediscover her inner self. She understands the scope and benefit of Dance Movement Therapy and aims to reach out to as many people as possible.

Sharmishtha Basu

Sharmishtha Basu
Music Therapy Practitioner

Sharmishtha is a professional singer and a voice trainer. Using Indian classical music and meditation as her tools, she condcuts sessions based on the belief that sound has a great healing power. With her singing skills, voice and empathy, she has touched many lives and just like a continuous learner, she is trying to develop her repertoire in the therapeutic space even further.

Charvi Budhdeo
Dance Movement Therapy and Expressive Arts Facilitator

Since the age of 6, dancing has always been very integral in her life. It always moved her on a very deep level, it educated and it chiselled her into the person she is. The joy she reaped from movement, was something she always wanted to spread and share. She finally took the step of pursuing Dance Movement Therapy & every single session gives her more purpose and fuels the dream to keep on going.

Akshara Ayyar

Akshara Ayyar

Akshara has been an enthusiast of the performing arts since her childhood. She is an alumnus of AIESEC, a global student organization, and Teach For India. She closely works with the Artscape team as a consultant.

Sejal Bhatt Paleja
Therapeutic Practitioner

Sejal is a therapeutic practitioner certified by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Dance Movement Therapy and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She has over 8 years of experience in the social sector doing voluntary work. She has also been an Instructor with Shiamak’s Victory Arts Foundation for 7 years training students in Dance As Therapy and helped them put up enthralling performances. She has performed with The Shiamak Group for many shows and awards.

Atteet Bhandari
Drama Therapy Facilitator

Actively participated in theatre from childhood and after doing many courses in theatre and acting, she realized drama is not just a performing art and holds a strong therapeutic value. She worked on ‘Drama as therapy’ during her studies at the National school of Drama and learnt how it is helpful in tapping into inner self, understanding emotions, and recovering from a mental trauma, anxiety, and stress. With her expertise, she has been helping individuals become a better version of themselves.

Aditya Garud
Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner

Dance has always been an integral part of Aditya’s life. He is a performer of the Indian Classical style of dance, and has discovered a new found enthusiasm in teaching too. The last few years have made him see dance as a channel of expression. Beyond entertainment, for him, it is a path that can change lives. The awareness and importance of mental health through movement has always been his passion. With Dance Movement Therapy his motto is to allow the body to speak. He wishes to touch many souls through dance and movement, one session at a time.

Pallavi Deshmukh
Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner

Having worked as a Marketing Communications professional for more than a decade, Pallavi dived into the field of art therapies, mindfulness and energy healing practices. She is currently a Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner, Visual Art therapy and Theater of the Oppressed (TO) facilitator, pursuing a professional program in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. She is also a certified and practicing Reiki Level 2 healer.

Madhulika Dhindaw

Madhulika consults for Artscape and manages new collaborations, volunteer engagements, documentation and program monitoring and evaluation for the organisation. With an experience of more than 18 years, Madhulika works closely with the founder to make a meaningful difference at Artscape and alongside, she lets the immense learnings redefine her internal landscape.