Cancer caregiver - 6 ways you can beat Cancer Caregiver Perfectionism!
17 Aug
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Cancer Care: 6 ways you can beat Cancer Caregiver Perfectionism!

It is extremely common and almost too easy to feel that everything needs to be perfect, including yourself, when you are a cancer caregiver. Cancer caregiver perfectionism is something that almost every caregiver feels at some point, the main reason being that you have taken another life into your hands. This perfectionism can cause elevated […]

Artscape-care for cancer
03 Jun
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I decided to end my life before CANCER ends my mother’s

            People say that life is precious. We speak of its temporary, yet beautiful nature, and how we use the time during to learn lessons and experience love. I believe sometimes life forces us to forget this, only that so we may remember. My name is Namrata, and I am happy. Today I experience a […]