“We are each gifted in a unique way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light”

Beyond Academics

“Each day, the pace of today’s world is increasing faster than ever. With constant news and occurrences of anti-social elements, inhumanity, and wars, it is crucial to envision and work towards a world run through the power of love, compassion, and respect for each other as well as nature.

Artscape recognizes the dire need to create individuals who are empowered yet compassionate citizens of tomorrow. The Beyond Academics programme focuses on providing value and moral education among school going children for the responsible living. Sessions are designed using tools of Expressive Arts Therapy such as Music, Movement, Meditation & Visual Arts to provide value education and life skills. It helps them connect with their inner-self, understand the values, but also to reflect them in their attitudes and behavior, and contribute to society through good citizenship and ethics. Beyond Academics enables students to put their best foot forward while stepping into the world despite their circumstances.”