“Health is a large word. It embraces not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.”
– James H. West

Care for Cancer

The anxiety and uncertainty of a Cancer diagnosis can create extreme disruption in the life of cancer patients and caregivers affecting the physical, psychological, social and financial environment. This disruption leads to feelings of distress which remain unaddressed. These suppressed emotions over a long period of time lead to emotional outbursts, anxiety, depression and slow recovery causing deaths or increased burden on care facilities.

 Artscape recognizes the dire need to intervene in this area through its Care for Cancer programme. The objective is to provide a platform to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to engage and express their emotions, help them relax and enable them to attain a state of mental well-being under any given circumstance. This is achieved through Expressive Arts Therapy using Music, Movement, and Meditation & Art. Apart from helping patients, survivors and caregivers engage and express their unaddressed emotions; Expressive Arts Therapy also increases participation, sharing of feelings and social integration of the patients and caregivers. It also increases self-awareness, enables one to identify her/his stressors and provides coping strategies available to deal with their environment. In the short term, the programme provides relaxation and relief which helps the beneficiaries divert their mind off the pain and stress momentarily.