Date: 08thOctober,2017

Day: Sunday

Attended By: Children from Kharghar, Parel and CGC Cluster

Venue: CGC Campus

Organized By: ARTSCAPE

Flow of the program as follows:

Arrival of children: 3.45 pm to 04.15 pm

Shramishta Ma’am Musical story activity: 04.15 pm to 05.00 pm

Magic Show: 05.00 pm to 05.40 pm

Refreshment and Closing: 05.40 pm to 06.00 pm

  • Children appreciated the event.
  • They enjoyed the program which was full of entertainment.
  • The magic show was the most enjoyable part of the Event.
  • Loud and contemporary Music was the specialty of the program.
  • Storytellings were enjoyed as children made to participate as characters of the stories.
  • Children wanted it to be for more time, but time constrains & threat of rains wrapped it up on time.
  • Children shared their experiences of Diwali celebration and thoughts behind celebration of Diwali.

  • The very much interactive session, as children were involved throughout the event.
  • Families were happy, they felt stress-free seeing their children enjoying themselves.
  • Parents cherished the Magic show and Storytelling sessions of the event.
  • The feeling of oneness with all families from Mumbai added magic to the event.

Event Pictures